Nurin Athirah. 18 years old. Hail from a tropical country, Malaysia. An awkward lass who consider food as my best friend. ISFJ type. Fantasizing over fictional characters is my cup of tea. I love potato and cheese. An ailurophilia.

Introvert and shy person. I would prefer staying in my room at all days with my own activities (watching anime, manga, listening musics, etc.) I have a serious face at all time and most of the answers I received when I ask them their first impression about myself are 'your face is so serious', 'you're so quiet' and 'I'm scared to talk to you at first.'

I tend to keep silent if I have problems but depends on my current mood whether I prefer to express with someone that I trust or not. I also talk to myself or animals when I feel bored. LOL. Editing blog layout and strolling nice themes in Tumblr are my passion. I love reading romance novel which I imagine how does the heroes looks like with my own imaginary.

All posts are written by myself based on my thoughts and rants. Before that, pardon me of any grammatical errors because English is not my mother tongue. I don't blog much these days but do leave a message on the tagboard, so that I'll catch up to you soon! Follow my blog—with that, I thank.
Sorry for my inactive because I was having author's block, or you prefer as writer's block. It is not okay at all because I always pushing myself to share my stories on my blog but I have no words on it. 'You better say something or not your blog will be abandoned!' 

Yes, I have a lot of stories to share but well, procrastinate always win.

It's okay, I have one story to be shared right now. Oh finally.

Last week I received my first semester's result and guess what? I feel like I am floating on nine cloud until right now. Alhamdulillah, I didn't expect that I could received such a good result! My hard work does pay off!

Earlier of the semester, my target was to get dean's list because I always jealous of my sister because every semester she get dean's list. I can say that she is smart because she loves the way she is studying right now. I want to experience how does it feel when you get dean's list and of course, you want to target for Vice-Chancellor Award.

I realized that when you studying in the course where there is your favourite subject since high school, trust me satisfaction has been what I have attained ever since I have learnt to love what I am studying. I love accounting and that is my favourite subject, so I proceed to take accountancy as my course in the university.

You should love what you are studying because doing the opposite would only drain you as terrible results ensue when you detest a subject/chapter. If you find hard on certain topic, find your subject teacher/lecturer. Be friend with lecturer is a must. Do a lot of exercises and past-year questions. So many people advice me the same thing, so I applied all of it into my university life. Worth it.


Currently this anime drives me insane. I am not fujoshi and this is the first time I ship boy x boy. GAY. THIS ANIME IS FULL OF GAY MOMENT BUT DON'T WORRY THERE IS NO ADULT CONTENT AT ALL I HATE THIS ANIME BUT I CAN'T STOP LOVING THIS ANIME SMH.

Every Thursday will be the new episode. Watch it with full of patience and scream out loud, fangirling, spam over Twitter with my friends who follows this anime too and watch it again for the 2nd time *cries*

Damn. Being YOI fandom is so fun. I enjoyed... a lot.

We were born to ship Victuuri. Kbye.


December 14, 2016
End of Semester 1
Finally for 4 months I have been struggled up for my first semester. University life is quiet tough tho. You meet different kind of people, of course. People keeps backstabbing you; that is normal. So here is it, I can have a break for 1 month.

My semester break should be in 3 months but due I have a short semester for 7 weeks at the end of November till' January next year, so they deducted my holiday! T_T

Let's see, what am I going to do?
  1. Playing Mystic Messengers. Yoosung's route: Done (LOL)
  2. Download anime!
  3. Driving license.
  4. Baking, maybe?
  5. Read some novels.
I have nothing to share because I am a potato. Happy holidays!!
October 17, 2016
18th birthday!
I have been very busy with my university's life. Assignments, quiz & test, tutorials, and more! Blessed with what I choose this course because account is my favourite subject. Oh, diploma in accounting. Next month will be final and still, I can't believe that time flies so fast.

I am now 18. Eighteen, peeps and I was like woah it is been 18 years I live in this world. Of course, 13 September is a special day for me. Hahaha yay. And so... my dad brought us to Colliseum Restaurant in KL to celebrate my birthday. It is a tradition for my family.

Oh wait, I'm finally 18! Happy birthday, 'dear self'.
September 13, 2016
reminder (2017)
03/04: Mid semester break.

2017's anime (fav & must watch); Shingeki no Kyojin, Owari no Seraph etc.

Busy with college. Deal with semester 2 and I'm going to get dean's list again! Jiayou!

Blog status: Hiatus.

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